Forest Synergy is available to work within contract specifications to perform specific tasks regardless of project scale.

Firewise Inventory and Planning – Home and community assessments – Firewise landscape planning.

Community Engagement – On-site contacts and meetings – Fire-cause reduction – Prevention Planning

Roadside fuel mitigation project
Wildfire in eastern hardwoods
Defensible Space saves home
Grass fire in the sunset

Take Action to Reduce the Effects of Wildfire

The prevention of damage to resources and your home are essential to long-term management.  Damage from wildfire is reduced by land planning and simple steps that are low-cost or no-cost options.  The Firewise program presents basic ideas that are implemented on your property to protect your home and community.  

Community engagement focuses effort on identifying key leaders and stakeholders to take developed actions reducing the effects of wildfire.  Willing communities identify the fire issues and causes, provide information for a full assessment, and list actions the community will do.  Many of the actions are low-cost and no-cost.  Forest Synergy is uniquely qualified for wildland fire prevention.  The company has broad experience in working with communities and getting to the action stage in reducing threats from wildfire.

30-foot buffer adding to defensible space
Understory removal adds to defensible space
Wildfire at sunset in Kentucky