Forest Synergy has entered into the production of stained glass pieces for sale. Although a small operation, high quality pieces are produced that are beautiful and fun. When a sun catcher or panel brings back a pleasant memory or smile, the value of the piece is priceless. Our children were recipients of sun catchers many years ago and those pieces and memories still persists. Below are examples of some of the pieces produced.

The panel on the right was done for my daughter, Christina, and hung in a bay window area. The design began with her idea of what she wanted and was put into motion by the drawing of my wife, Cheryl, to highlight the symmetry and colors of the piece.


Ideas come along once in a while that just strikes you visually and emotionally. I have always enjoyed southwestern patterns, thus the “arrow panel”. Then comes along the rain girl. Note the rain drop appearance of the border glass. With the variety of textures, colors, and unique features of each piece of glass, pieces are born.